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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards

Quality – subjective as it is, we all want to feel it in the goods we buy or the various services that we receive. Whilst its value to you or I is likely to be different, and so we may be willing to pay more (or less) for that perceived quality, generally we all want the best that we can get, don’t we?

So how can we ensure we get quality across the numerous ad hoc and regular purchases that an organisation makes? How can we be sure to get that same level of quality every time we repeat our purchases? And how do we verify our suppliers are operating to recognised standards that ensure this repeatable, cross provider quality?

Well; when you buy from an ISO9001:2015 certificated source that’s exactly what you can be sure of. The ISO certification means the supplier is validated against an international quality standard; it means the company has the necessary procedures and systems in place to ensure their goods or services are of the same high quality every time……whether it’s a box of widgets or a courier delivery service.

Booking a courier service, for example, which is ISO9001:2015 certificated provides the assurance that…...

  • There is a documented system of processes in use to ensure bookings, collections and deliveries, and every step in between, are consistent and repeatable and are to exactingly high standards whilst minimising the chance of errors.

  • There is a process in place to identify the root cause of any issues that do arise and to ensure prompt and accurate rectification and prevent recurrence.

  • The ISO certified management system ensures the company is engaged in the process of continual business improvement; seeking opportunities to improve staff training, operate more efficiently and reduce costs to their customers.

ISO quality certification is a huge nod in favour of a supplier; an independently verified tick in the box that demonstrates they know what they are doing and can prove it……but it’s not a one-way street. In fact, the benefits of certification also extend to the supplier; not least because one of the founding principles of the ISO9001:2015 quality standard is customer satisfaction – and given that’s tied in to repeat business who doesn’t want to improve that?

Furthermore; through operating the quality management system, improved evidence for decision making is gathered and the ethos of continual improvement ensures real world benefits in all areas of the organisation.

The team at UK Sameday have, for many years, transacted all courier bookings through a process driven internal quality management system; the long-standing relationships we have with many of our clients stands testament to the consistent quality of transport and courier services provided throughout the UK.

However; in the interest of ensuring our customers, new and old, can externally validate these procedures against internationally recognised standards we have contracted with BSI to gain verification against ISO9001:2015. BSI are a UKAS accredited body ensuring that once certificated our Quality Management System will be recognised to be of the highest of standards and on a global level.

Our preliminary audits against the latest version of the ISO9001 quality standard are due to take place early in 2018 and we look forward to keeping all our clients up to date on our progress.

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