What you really want from a courier....

We've recently been having a good old think, trying to pin down exactly what customers really want from a great sameday courier service? Shouldn’t be too hard to answer should it?

Is it simply down to price? Or, conversely, up to quality of the service? Speed in making the collection and same day delivery perhaps? Or simply knowing that the right vehicles are always available to them even in the case of sameday haulage with HGV 1 and HGV 2 vehicles? In many cases it’s a combination of these things but how they are balanced can have a real impact on the actual service that the customer receives.

"Cheap as possible" I hear you say - obviously most people would prefer to pay as little as possible to have their parcels and pallets delivered by a courier service; but a lesser price often translates as lesser service. Pay peanuts and you will undoubtedly get monkeys so is opting for a bargain basement supplier really doing justice to your product? Probably not.

Quality is a subjective matter but is generally the result of a combination of exemplary customer service, a thorough understanding of the client's needs and exceptionally high operational standards. Often the difference between a run of the mill courier service and a really great courier service is the manner in which the customer is communicated with; regular updates, honesty and integrity and sometimes simply a welcoming, "can do" approach from all and just making sure the job is done on time. Transport offices are busy places; sameday courier offices even more so - which for some companies makes keeping to this ethos really difficult at times.

Speed of collection and availability of vehicles are often intrinsically linked - you can't give somebody a van you haven't got! And it's particularly difficult to get it right with the larger sameday haulage vehicles as they are simply far too expensive to have hanging around - so much so that many sameday delivery companies simply pass this type of work to subcontractors and consequently lose any real control of speed and service.

So……………. What customers want from a really great same day courier or freight service is a fleet of sufficient size and variety to cover all eventualities and to respond in an appropriate time whilst retaining full control in house. They want the highest possible levels of customer service and to be kept "in the loop" at all times; crucially they want to be able to trust that the commitment given to deliver their goods on time will actually be carried out. They also want to pay as little as possible but understand that exceptional service has a cost and accept that, whilst not paying bargain basement values, they will be charged a fair price for their transport needs. This ensures they can get trained and motivated drivers, modern and flexible vehicles and an excellent customer experience.

If this sounds like the sort of service that your business needs from a sameday courier, sameday freight or sameday haulage provider then we heartily recommend that you speak with us at UK Sameday. Chat with us on 01782 518 108!

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